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The philosophy behind the Electric Elegance38 yacht is based on working with materials and technology allowing for the complete yachting experience to be as pure as possible, both when it comes to the use of the yacht, the production and the ability to re-cycle.

With this in mind, we choose to work with materials suitable for the “full circle” whenever and wherever possible.

The optional synthetic teak deck of the EE38 is a good example of following that vision. The option to use faux-leather for the cockpit seating area and the aft deck sun-beds is another example where the production and longevity of the selected materials fits well with the vision of how we are looking to make a difference.

Naturally, by producing a yacht of the highest quality and working with only the very best materials available, we assure a long life cycle and a yacht that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Length: 1250 cm
Beam: 330 cm
Draft: 65 cm
Hull: Carbon Fibre
Top Speed: 40 Knots
Cruise Speed: 20 Knots

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“To be a part of CREATing a fully electric day cruiser from the perspective of true ELEGANCE was an invitation to which I had to say yes."

Jean-Jacques Coste