Starting at €33.990

E-Dolphin Electric Jet Ski

Electric daycruiser with the power of silence

Electricity is the future, the evolution towards a cleaner world. Our goal is to extend the essential personal watercraft qualities, while including innovations that enhance the user experience. The E-Dolphin is the compromise offering a stable shell, a 3 seats saddle, performance that takes place in intense pleasure, as well as connectivity that makes it ultra smart.

Secure your electric jet ski today with only a 20% deposit (+ 2.5% merchant banking fee of the deposit amount) based on the full price below. 

E-Dolphin S200: €33.990 with 2 seats

E-Dolphin S300: €44.990 with 3 seats


Range: 2 hours

Max speed: 90KM/H

Motorisation:  up to 160 hp

Charging Time: 2 hours

E-Dolphin S300 starting at €44.990 EUR

E-Dolphin S200 starting at €33.990 EUR

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The double concave hull, wide front and a high volume are precisely distributed to allow for stable, controlled and forgiving takeoff and landing while learning how to eFoiling.


Beauty + Tranquility

With its design inspired by marine mammals, the E-Dolphin integrates with aquatic spaces without distorting the beauty and tranquility of the place.


The Small print

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After the order is placed, we will contact you discuss any optional extras.

Payment methods accepted: Wire Transfer, all major visa/mastercard/AMEX cards, Cryptocurrencies.

All warranty related issues are the liability of the manufacturer.

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The lead time for manufacture is currently 6 months.