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The CAT 12.0 Cruise is an electric catamaran equipped with a solar panel array so that you can navigate silently at sea all day long without worrying about fuel consumption or fearing producing harmful emissions.

Energy generation: 6 kW peak
Range at lower speeds: UNLIMITED
Max speed: up to 12 knots
Range at max speed: up to 4 hours
Cruise speed: 7 knots
Range at cruising speed: up to 14 hours
Motorisation: up to 25 Kw
Battery capacity: up to 160 kWh
CE Certification: B10 C16

2 suites equipped: WC and shower
Furniture layout: cruise
Desalinator: 50 -70 lt / h
Refrigerator: 144 l
Freezer: 91 l
Solar panels: 40 x 150w

CCTV: 1 Camera
CCTV: 4 Cameras
Raymarine Navionics: 31P + (Charts)
Air Conditioner: 13000 BTU
Desalinator: 70-140 l/h

Length: 11.90m (39 ft)
Beam: 5.95m (19.52 ft)
Draft: 1.10m (3.6 ft)
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100% self-sufficient. When operated between 5 and 6 knots, the solar
panels’ production is equal to or greater than the boat’s energy
consumption, giving it an infinite range. At the ideal cruising speed of
8 knots, you can navigate non-stop all day long and still finish your
boating day with batteries with a 40%-charge.



The spacious eco-friendly lounge is spacious, making it the perfect
vessel for multiple situations such as recreational and tourist events.

Moreover, it is equipped with seating areas, support tables, and a full

Main characteristics

The main characteristics of this boat in numbers

  • 11.9 m


  • 1.1 m


  • 2


  • 5.95 m


  • 8.5 tonnes