Galaxia is an ultra-sustainable, luxury marine and residential development. A global revolution in the land and sea experience. It is designed with great care and responsibility to the environment and nature of the surrounding area.

Exclusive, secure, self-reliant, sustainable enjoyment, in harmony with nature.

Providing significant improvements to infrastructure and employment opportunities for local community. Part of a conscientious marina community where luxury, sustainability, wellness, the sharing economy, and giving back to the local population come together seamlessly. Not the over built ecologically insensitive development we have come to see.

Galaxia E-Marinas desires to build a future that is eco responsible. The climate emergency we are witnessing concerns the whole marine ecosystem which has a duty to evolve, both vessels as well as port infrastructure and facilities.

Marinas can be viewed as micro cities that interact with onshore and sea environments and have a key role to play in the future of civilisation. Innovation, ingenuity and collaboration are crucial as our world transitions rapidly to becoming fully sustainable.