Silent Yachts - Solar Electric Catamarans

GALAXIA eBrokerage presents Silent Yachts for sale via their owners. GALAXIA only represent customers and buyers, who are vetted and authentic. 

Silent Yachts have been pioneering solar electric powered catamarans since 2009. 

Discover the future of yachting with Silent Yachts, a visionary brand leading the charge in solar-powered maritime luxury. Our brokerage is proud to present a fleet that redefines nautical elegance through sustainable innovation. Offering silent navigation without sacrificing sophistication. With over 21 yachts sold last year and a growing production line, Silent Yachts isn't just selling boats; it's offering a lifestyle of eco-friendly opulence. Step aboard and experience the serene revolution that is Silent Yachts, where every voyage promises zero emissions and endless horizons.

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